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LiFePo4 battery pack

48V 118Ah lithium iron phosphate battery pack for small remo

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48V 118Ah lithium iron phosphate battery pack for small remote control tanks
Product ID: Gimibattery0014
Standard voltage: 48V
Standard capacity: 118Ah
Battery size:
Product certification: batteries have UL, UN38.3, IEC62133 and other certifications
Product number: Gimibattery0014
Nominal voltage: 48V
Nominal capacity: 118.8Ah (lithium iron phosphate 3.3Ah)
Cell series and parallel mode: 16S36P (charge and discharge port)
Charging upper limit voltage: 58.4V (CC/CV)
Discharge lower limit: 32V (CC)
Operating voltage range: 32-58.4V
Maximum charging current: 40A (adjustable)
Maximum continuous discharge current: 70A (adjustable)
Single grain overcharge protection voltage: 3.8V (adjustable)
Single grain over-discharge protection voltage: 2.0V (adjustable)
Over-temperature protection protection value: 65℃ (adjustable)
Cycle life: ≥2000 times (70%)
Overcurrent protection value: 300±30A (can be designed according to the actual situation)
Working ambient temperature (charging): 0–45°C
Working ambient temperature (discharge): -20–60℃
Balanced: Balanced
Communication protocol: CAN
Storage temperature: -10–45℃
Storage humidity: <80%RH
Battery weight: about 53±3Kg
Battery size: subject to the case
Environmental features: RoHS compliant
Product certification: batteries have UL, UN38.3, IEC62133 related safety certifications
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