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LiFePo4 battery pack

72V 100Ah Trolley Box Portable Mobile Energy Storage battery

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72V 100Ah Trolley Box Portable Mobile Energy Storage Lithium Battery
Product number: Gimibattery0015
Standard voltage: 72V
Standard capacity: 100Ah
Battery size: subject to the actual product
Application areas: household power supply, emergency power supply, dangerous rescue, camping, etc.
Portable multi-function UPS system, combined with solar charging, power storage, and discharge control management as the design basis, built-in high-capacity, high-performance lithium battery, manufactured by the current advanced lithium battery technology, with multiple safety protection, strong output energy, providing AC voltage It has two modes of output, DC output with different voltages, which is convenient for different electrical appliances to supply power. It is suitable for household power supply, emergency power supply, support for dangerous rescue, support for areas lacking power, and provide camping or travel power.
Product number: Gimibattery0015
Nominal voltage: 72V (24 strings)
Rated capacity: 100Ah
Combination: 24S1P
Maximum voltage: 87.6V±0.5V
Minimum voltage: 60.0V±0.5V
Continuous working current: ≤50A
Maximum transient current: ≤100A
Overcharge protection voltage: 3.65V±0.025V/Cell
Over-discharge protection voltage: 2.50V±0.025V/Cell
Charging mode: constant current and constant voltage (CC-CV)
Charging current: ≤20-30A
Charging temperature range: 0~45℃/ 45~85%RH
Discharge temperature range: -25~55℃/ 45~85%RH
Dimensions: subject to the real object
Battery weight: ≤70kg
Protection function: overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit, overtemperature protection, etc.
Application areas: household power supply, emergency emergency power supply, support for dangerous rescue, camping or travel power supply, etc.
Similar products: 48V50Ah, 48V100Ah, 60V50Ah, 60V100Ah, 72V50Ah, 72V100Ah, etc.
Shell advantages:
Using improved engineering plastics as raw materials, the product has good weather resistance and can work in the ambient temperature range of -40℃~90℃.
The box body can resist ultraviolet radiation, strong impact, wear resistance, aging resistance, and flame retardant;
Unique manual air valve design solves the use problem caused by air pressure difference, more durable and more waterproof;
The internal humanized detail design is convenient for the safe use of instruments and equipment;
Using high-quality sealing materials, product protection grade IP67;
Ergonomic handle, with rubberized design, feel comfortable and reduce fatigue;
The standard configuration is egg pit sponge and dicing sponge, which enhances protection and is easy to use;
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