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Li-polymer battery

Li-polymer battery LP703048 3.7V 11.1V 1000mah rechargeable

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Li-polymer battery LP703048 3.7V 1000mah rechargeable battery 

Size:Thick:7mm width:30mm length:48mm

Specification  of Li-Polymer battery LP703048
No. Item Characteristics Remarks
3.1 Nominal Capacity Minimum:1000mAh Fully charged @1C to 4.2V for 2.5 hrs, then discharge to 3.0V @ 0.2C.
Typical: 1000mAh
3.2 Nominal Voltage 3.7V  
3.3 Charging Cut-off Voltage 4.2V  
3.4 Discharge Cut-off Voltage 3.0V  
3.5 Maximum Constant Charging Current 1000mA(1.0C)  
3.6 Maximum Continuous Discharging Current 2000mA(2.0C)  
3.7 Operating Temperature Charge       0~45℃  
Discharge  –20~60℃  
3.8 Storage Temperature -20~45℃ for 1Month  
-20~35℃ for 6Months  
3.9 Weight 22.5g Approximate value
3.1 Storage Voltage 3.80-3.90V  

1. High energy density: volume energy density can be 460Wh/L
2. Excellent security: no fire, no explore of short-circuit, over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, Shock, vibration, crush, acupuncture.
3. Long cycle lifespan: capacity recovery can be above 80% after 500 cycles
4. High discharge voltage plateau: the 3.6V discharge voltage plateau is more than 42min
5.Environment-friendly: no PB, CD added
6.Flexible size design subject to different space of application
7. Hundreds of models for micro size with 10mAh-1000mAh
8. CE/RoHS Directive-compliant/REACH/UL/MSDS/UN38.3/IEC61233 standards
Cells production process:
First from raw materials drying- mixing- coating -electrode drying- calendaring -cutting- punching- stacking- tab welding- short circuit checking- pre packing -electrolyte injection -pre formation- degassing gas -bag cutting -folding- code printing- formation -aging- finished products
 Bluetooth earphone, smart watch, smart wearable, bank Ukey, POS device, medical equipment and other portable devices.
1:Do not expose to dispose of battery in fire 
2:Do not disassemble or deform the battery
3:Do not immerse in water 
4:Do not put battery nil charge or equipment with wrong terminals connected
5:Do not use battery mixed with other different make/type or model batteries 
6:Keep out of reach of children
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