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Li-ion pack

Li-ion battery pack 12v 24v 48v 60v 10ah 15ah customized bat

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Li-ion battery pack 12v 24v 48v 60v 10ah 15ah 100ah customized battery pack

Products details:
Voltage : 12v 24v 48v 60v Li-ion battery  
Capacity: 10ah 15ah 20ah can be customized 

1.Intelligent program protection prevents from overcharge
2.High-quality replacement battery
3.Compatibility with the original
4.Lower Price than Original OEM Battery
5.No memory effect.
6.Using import battery cells
 1. The battery must be fully charged before first use.
2. The battery is stored in a cool and dry place.
3. Do not Separation, extrusion, and impact.
4. Do not put the battery into water and fire.
5. Keep away from children.