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Rear Rack ebike battery

Brilliant case battery China ebike conversion kit with batte

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36v 10ah/12ah/15ah/17ah Brilliance Battery Rear Rack Ebike Lithium BatteryPack 36v 13ah Electric Bike Battery With Internal BMS

Order must to know
1) Regarding Battery Discharge connector(Please leave message what type you want)
We provide all kinds of discharge connectors depends on your need For Example, Anderson, Bullet, XT60,T-plug etc.
No1: Round hold plug
No2: Anderson plug (For many e-bike motors popular types)
No3: XT60 connector
No4: T90 connector
No5: Fish clip
No6: Bullet connector (For most hub motors)
No7: T-plug connector
No8: Aviation four-hole plug /Aviation 3-hole plug
No9: White T insert.
No10: Three-headed female head (Send your connector for us to confirm)
No11:2-pin Plug
If you require the other models, please leave the message for us.
2) Charger AC plug,
We will send depends on your country, EU/US/UK/AU etc, and you can leave us message if you have requirements in it.If you have no request, then we will send the default models.
Packing List:
1.pc-36V/48V/52V Ebike Battery with high quality built-in BMS ​1pc-(2/3)A Charger(US/UK/AU/EU) AC plug will be matched as delivery country if without request. ​1pc-Discharge cable and connector(Please note in advance)
(Before you buy, please kindly check battery box size whether fit your Bike)
Standard export carton packaging or Custom-made Package.
Company Profile
GimiBattery is a Hi-Tech enterprise in China. We are specialized in the research, design, production and sale of primary lithium batteries,ebike battery,LiFePo4 battery pack. Depending on our creative R&D center, production base, and sales and service net, our company has offered customers with excellent products and services. Equipped with facilities imported from Germany and Japan, our engineers are dedicated to developing new products to meet our customers' demands and specific requirements.Caution:
Do not put the battery in water and keep the battery in a cool dry surrounding.
Do not use or leave the battery near a heat temperature (in fire or a heater)
Do not reverse the position and the negative terminals.
Do not open the battery if you are an amateur, it is very dangerous.
Do not short-circuit the battery by directly connecting the positive and negative terminals with metal objects.
Do not transport or store the battery together with metal objects such as hairpins, collars, etc.
Do not directly solder the battery and drill the battery with a nail or other sharp objects.
You must use a qualified charger for the battery, also when charging the battery, you must have an adult nearby.
To be safe, children can not use this battery.

Company feedback
After test our battery, and you are satisfied with our battery, Could you please give us 5 stars rating? And for second order, we will give discount for you. Thank you in advance.

Future orders discount Policies:
All the customers' second order can get some discounts, you can order again, or recommend your friends order at our ​store.Please contact us first, and send your last order No., so we can give a discount for your new order.
Our warranty is 12 months after we ship it. If there are any accessories broken during the 12 months caused by our quality ​problems, please contact us and we’ll help to resolve.

Any questions, pls contract us freely, respond within 12h
Q1: How to choose a right battery?
A:1. Battery Size: Should make sure if the new battery pack size is suitable for e-bike.

2.Battery Voltage: Battery voltage should keep up with motor. For example, The motor voltage is 36V, then battery pack ​should be 36V too, can’t be 48V or 52V. (Usually all 48v motor can handle either 48v or 52V)

3.Battery capacity: You can choose according to your needs. The larger the capacity, the farther you can ride.

Q2.What is a BMS?
A:Battery management system is the circuit board which can protect the battery avoid short circuit, overcharge, Over discharge and overcurrent.

Q3.How many amps do I need?
A: It depending on your e-bike motor, here is for your reference:
36V 20amps for 36V 250W-500W motor maximum;
36V 25amps for 36V 700W motor maximum;
48V 30amps for 48V 1000W motor maximum;
48V 40amps for 48V 1500W motor maximum;
48V 50amps for 48V 2000W motor maximum;
52V 30amps for 48V/52V 1000W motor maximum;
52V 40amps for 48/52V 1500W motor maximum;
52V 50amps for 48V/52V 2000W motor maximum.
For higher power, or your motor is not included by above, please contact us for details.

Q4. What kind of cells used on this electric bicycle battery?
A: We use original A grade Samsung, Panasonic, Sanyo, LG and higher quality Chinese cells, all can be customized as ​your requests.

Q5. Does your e-bike battery come with charger?
A: Yes. All of our e-bike batteries come with standard 2A charger. If you need fast charger, please contact with us.

Q6. What's your delivery time?
A: Generally, electric bike battery will be sent out within 5 working days after receiving your advance payment.

Q7. How long the quality warranty you can provide?
A: We provide 12 months warranty for all of our electric bike batteries. there is no warranty if :(1). Man-made damage; (2) The battery goes over water; (3). Open a case without contacting us.

Q8.Can be customized battery ?
A. Yes, We have professional engineers that can give you the most suitable solution according to your special requirements. all batteries can be customized based on your requirement.
Contact us:
For any questions, pls also feel free to email us, we will reply you within 1 business day. (Not include Public holiday)