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UN38.3 for Lithium battery information

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Information and precautions required for UN38.3 lithium batteries to be shipped separately from PI965
1) UN38.3 Lithium batteries are required to ship PI965 separately
With the increasing transportation of goods containing lithium batteries such as mobile phones and laptops, the hidden dangers to the safe operation of airlines are also increasing. When lithium batteries are transported by air, airlines require customers to provide UN38.3 test reports. According to different shipping methods of lithium batteries, the information required for UN38.3 certification of lithium batteries is also different. When the battery is shipped separately, the following information must be provided.
IP 965 II / IB lithium batteries are shipped separately (normal packaging shipments / dangerous goods packaging shipments)
1. At least 30 single batteries (16 finished products and 25 batteries (for products such as mobile power supplies))
2. UN38.3 Test Application Form
3.1.2 Meter drop test report application form
4. Battery/cell specification
5. ISO certificate of battery manufacturer
6. Packaging pictures
7. Power of Attorney
8. Shipping statement and accompanying documents
9. Battery Guarantee
10. Declaration of new requirements for transportation
7. The power of attorney, 8. The transportation statement and accompanying documents, 9. The battery guarantee letter and 10. The transportation new requirement statement all need to be stamped, and the original documents shall be provided.
2) Precautions for transportation of UN38.3 lithium battery PI965 separately
Lithium batteries undergo UN38.3 testing to prepare for air transportation. If they are shipped separately, the following items must be noted to ensure the safe arrival of lithium batteries:
1. The amount of charge (SoC) of the shipped battery shall not exceed 30%;
2. Passenger aircraft transportation is prohibited (UN3480, including PI 965 Section IA, Section IB, Section II);
3. The outer packaging must be posted with a freighter transport only label;
4. The package of PI 965 Section II can only be one package. If it is overpacked with other goods, the label must be reflected;
5. PI 965 Section II packaging must be transported separately from other goods and delivered to the user, and must not be placed in the same container before delivery to the user (ULD);
6. The packaging must use rigid materials, which include Section IB, Section II.