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What is the reason for the battery loss of electric vehicles

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Regarding the loss of electric vehicle batteries, here are four main reasons you need to avoid!
"Power deficit" is a phenomenon that damages the battery plate coating and the lithium battery caused by forced over-discharge when the battery power is insufficient and the voltage is low. The working voltage of any on-board electrical appliance has a standard range, and electrical appliances beyond this range are easy to short-circuit or even If burned out, electrical appliances below this range cannot start or work normally, and even affect the service life.
Most cases of failure to charge or power on are caused by long-term self-discharge of the battery leading to power loss or sulfidation. As long as the battery is in use or loses electricity for a long time, it will produce varying degrees of vulcanization, which will hinder the future service life. If the situation is not serious, you can go to a professional electric car battery repair shop to try, as long as the damage is not serious, you can directly activate it and use it.
What is the reason for the battery loss of electric vehicles?
1. Circuit failure
Failures of the charging system on electric vehicles, such as damage to the voltage regulator, magneto, etc., will affect the performance of the battery and cause problems such as insufficient charging and loss of electricity and vulcanization.
2. Wrong starting method
When users buy a new car, they frequently adjust the electric starter, horn, turning light, etc., which can easily lead to increased battery power consumption.
3. More battery load
In the past two years, many electric appliances have been added to electric vehicles, such as anti-theft devices, remote electric starters, handlebar lights, rear-view mirror lights, seat lights, etc., which increase the load on the battery and increase the discharge capacity of the battery. , And it is easier to lose power; at the same time, if these electrical devices fail, it will also affect the battery performance.
4. Improper riding
Long-term low-speed driving, short driving distance or frequent electric starting, etc.; or too long use at night, large discharge capacity of the headlights before turning on, it is easy to cause insufficient battery charging and power loss.
If there is a power loss caused by severe vulcanization for a long time, Gimibattery strongly reminds you: Do not directly use your on-board charger to charge! Due to the excessive internal resistance of the battery, your onboard charger will be burnt down. Even if you are lucky enough to be able to recharge it, the vulcanization of the battery will become more serious day by day, which will shorten the battery life or become scrapped.