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How can electric bicycles save more power?

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How can electric bicycles save more power?
1. After a safe driving test, 20 kilometers per hour is the optimal voltage output, and driving at this speed is the most energy-efficient.
2. When the car is started at zero speed, it is best to use the pedals to assist first, and then use the motor to generate electricity under the speed state, which can also save power.
3. If it is not an electric motorcycle (more expensive), it is best not to add an anti-theft device, the effect is not great, and it will increase the burden on the battery;
4. Take less bumpy roads.
5. Pay attention to check the tire pressure, it can be lower in summer, and it can be used in other seasons, because the tire pressure is higher and it saves electricity;
6. Accelerate gradually, don't increase the throttle sharply.
7. Try to avoid sudden braking during driving, so as to extend the life of battery and motor.
8. The pedal can be used to generate electricity when the power is lost, but this will cause great damage to the battery life! Therefore, it is best to ensure that the battery power is in a normal state during driving.
9. Charge it in time after use, and don't leave it for a long time in a dead state, otherwise the battery plates will be sulfated;
10. When the green light is on, it means that the battery can be used or is basically fully charged, but there is still a gap from 100%. It is recommended to charge the battery for a long time once a week or every two weeks, that is, continue charging after the green light is on, and the time is OK Keep it at about 16 hours, which can improve battery life;
11. The concept of recharging after completely discharging the electricity is incorrect. The greater the depth of discharge, the shorter the battery's service life;
12. If the electric bicycle is not used for a long time, pay attention to charging the battery before placing it, and check the power every month;
If you do the above 12 points, your electric bike will become the "power saving king" of an electric bike!
ps: In addition, Gimibattery will add two common sense of battery maintenance:
1. If you ride a distance of about 15 kilometers per day, it is estimated that your battery can last for 2 years;
2. If the battery is found to be extremely hot during charging, don't charge it again! Hurry up and overhaul it.