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8 positions, advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicl

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8 positions, advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicle batteries
1. Oblique beam
Design: The design concept of this type of model originated from the classic shape of the large curved beam of the bicycle, which is more popular in the market. Because the design cleverly absorbs the concept of the oblique beam of the traditional bicycle, the support frame is both the frame beam and the support of the battery base. In part, the weight load distribution of the front and rear wheel motor batteries is relatively even.
Advantages: The appearance conforms to the traditional concept of bicycles, which is easy for consumers to accept. The positions of battery locks and electric door locks are relatively convenient. The battery is convenient to lift and unload. It is also convenient to get on and off the bicycle similar to the bicycle.
Disadvantages: First, it is difficult for both feet to land on the ground at the same time. The wheel diameter of general models is 24 inches. If the wheel diameter is less than 24 inches, it is difficult to meet the pedal ground clearance in the national standard. Under this height condition, when the bike is stationary, the rider who is under 1 meter 65 generally cannot have stable feet Landing, so it is not safe enough for small people. Second, the center of gravity of the battery is high in the balance of the whole vehicle. In the case of slippery roads on a rainy day, it is easy to slip and fall when turning quickly, and a safety accident occurs. Once the car falls, it will be difficult for a weak person to lift an electric bicycle weighing 38 kg. Of course, it's a different story for tall people.
2. Inverted inclined beam
Design: This design is quite creative, changing the position of the battery from the traditional diagonal beam forward swing to the reverse arrangement, forming a more unique appearance style.
Advantages: Due to the reverse arrangement of the battery box, the frame beam can not only support the battery, but also serve as the main part of the frame structure. Therefore, the seat tube can be suspended, and the seat tube and the battery box base design can be combined to make the frame more concise and reasonable. At the same time, the traditional appearance of the bicycle is retained, getting on and off the bicycle is in line with the habits of ordinary consumers, and the battery box is also more convenient to pick and place.
Disadvantages: Since the batteries are arranged in a lengthwise direction, the length of the three batteries determines the length of the hypotenuse of a triangle. The center of gravity of the vehicle is still high. The weight of the motor plus the weight of the battery plus the weight of the human body makes the load of the vehicle insufficient. Even, the front wheels are slightly lighter, so the steering is not stable enough when riding. Similar to the above-mentioned shortcomings of the inclined beam type, the safety and stability of this design are not very good.
3. Rear plug-in
Design: The design concept originated from Yamaha, Japan. Because the original design used Ni-MH batteries, the layout is very light and beautiful.
Advantages: It maintains the characteristics of the large curved beam of traditional bicycles, conforms to the rider's getting on and off habit, and at the same time conforms to the load habit.
Disadvantages: Compared with the general 24-inch wheel diameter model, the size of the whole car is obviously longer to 1780mm, and the lengthened size is generally about 200mm. This is actually the size of the battery plus the outer shell, giving people a feeling of being tall and magnificent. It is difficult for the feet of people under 1 meter 65 to touch the ground; the load of the whole vehicle is more concentrated in the rear part, and the stability is slightly worse; at the same time, the height of the center of gravity is similar to the inclined beam type, and it is not easy to lift up once it falls over; it is a little troublesome to pick and place the battery , You need to open the mechanism and lift up the folding cushion. At the same time, the highest point of the battery needs to be 1050mm away from the ground, which is difficult for women with a height of less than 160cm.
4. Front plug-in
Design: The design is quite novel. The arrangement of the battery not only makes use of the idle space of the whole vehicle, but also maintains the traditional bicycle big curved beam style.
Advantages: The battery arrangement is changed to the vertical stacking in the height direction, which makes the overall battery shape thicker and the center of gravity of the vehicle decreases. Compared with the inverted beam type, the design height of the seat tube can be reduced, so that the rider can touch the ground with both feet, which increases safety Sex and stability. In addition, compared with the rear plug-in type, the battery pick-and-place is no longer necessary to open the folding mechanism. At the same time, the battery pick-and-place height is less than 480mm from the ground. Women with less strength can also pick and place the battery smoothly. This advantage is greatly superior. The rear plug-in type is relatively simple and convenient, and conforms to the simple principle of consumer use.
Disadvantages: Although the battery has fallen to a certain extent, the center of gravity of the vehicle is still above the two-wheeled axle. The advantages of the low center of gravity design are not outstanding. In addition, due to the longitudinal stacking of the batteries, the appearance of the vehicle feels like hugging a fat baby. It seems heavy.
5. Pedal type
Design: This type of model is welcomed by market consumers. The reason is that the design of this model is derived from women's motorcycles. The innovation of the design is that the battery is placed under the pedal, which can both step on and use Idle space for the entire vehicle.
Advantages: Among the design schemes of all battery positions, the center of gravity of this design is the lowest, even lower than the axis of the two wheels. The advantage lies in the tumbler principle. It is easier to maintain balance when riding, so it is safer. Even if the car accidentally overturns, it is easier to lift up. In addition, the load of the whole vehicle is relatively even, and the distribution is relatively reasonable. At the same time, the rider's legs are more comfortable, and it is not easy to fatigue after long-distance riding. In addition, women can ride in short skirts.
Disadvantages: Due to the obstruction of the battery position, the pedal center has to be moved back. From an ergonomic point of view, it does not conform to the body posture of riding, so the riding function is weakened. Some similar models use up to 270mm long When the battery is out of power, it’s more laborious to ride.
6. Mid-mounted
Design: This design breaks the tradition and is unique. The unique shape is like a light motorcycle, forming a distinct personality. This design cleverly solves the contradiction between the battery layout and the design of the sprocket and seat tube.
Advantages: The battery is placed in the middle, which is equivalent to the pedal-type battery being changed from horizontal to vertical. At the same time, the load of the whole vehicle is evenly distributed, and the design advantages of low center of gravity are maintained, so that the riding is very stable. Due to the reasonable arrangement of the battery position, this design strengthens the cycling function of the bicycle. It is the most labor-saving and lightweight design among all types of electric bicycles. The height of the battery is only 480mm, which can be easily accessed by women with less energy and the infirm. The most important thing is the safety of the car. Because of the 20-inch small wheel diameter, the height of the seat cushion from the ground is only 700mm, and anyone who is taller than 1.56 meters can touch the ground at will. This is especially true for emergency braking during riding. important. This model is not only suitable for young people, but also for women and middle-aged and elderly people who demand safety.
Disadvantages: This model is not suitable for women who wear short skirts because of the mid-mounted battery, and the on and off cars are changed to straddle type.
7. Bookshelf type
Design: The battery is placed on the bookshelf, and the idle space of the electric bicycle is cleverly used, making the whole vehicle look simple and light.
Advantages: The length of the body can not be affected by the battery, thus maximizing the freedom of traditional bicycle design; hiding the battery under the seat cushion basically forms the appearance of a women's moped, and it is convenient for women wearing skirts Get on and off the car.
Disadvantages: The bookshelf design has advantages and disadvantages. Its load center of gravity is the highest of all models, and it is also most concentrated in the second half. However, the center of gravity is still high for the whole vehicle, and the load is still too concentrated, so no matter whether you are riding or Still not stable enough. Due to the lack of shock-absorbing space, the arrangement of multiple batteries at both ends is adopted, which makes the width direction of the whole vehicle slightly fatter.
8. Basket type (lithium ion battery)
Design: This is the location of a lithium-ion battery. If lead-acid batteries are placed in the basket, it will appear top-heavy. This example shows that for an electric bicycle to have a better design, a new type of battery must be available at a low price and good quality.
Advantages: The battery is placed in the food basket, which effectively utilizes the idle space of the electric bicycle. The support design of the food basket also breaks the tradition. The concentrated support of the front wheel axle is changed to the main body support of the frame, so that the handlebar does not feel heavy when turning. The appearance is one of the most concise designs.
Disadvantages: There are advantages and disadvantages to breaking the tradition. When the traditional handlebar is turned, the food basket is turned together. This model is different. When the handlebar is turned, the food basket does not turn, which can easily cause an illusion of direction, but you will get used to it over time. Conclusion: In summary, the location of lead-acid batteries on electric bicycles directly affects the safety and stability of the model, and also directly affects consumers' recognition of the product. Consumers of different sizes should pay attention to a safety principle when buying a car, that is, whether a person can touch the ground with their feet on the cushion.
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