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5 common faults and causes of electric bicycle batteries

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5 common faults and causes of electric bicycle batteries
Electric bicycle batteries sometimes have some faults, such as: battery leakage, battery failure to charge, and battery deformation, etc. Gimibattery summarizes five common faults and causes of electric bicycle batteries. You can understand:
1. Battery leakage
If your electric vehicle battery leaks, it is generally caused by the following four places: First, the seal between the upper cover and the bottom tank is not good or the sealing glue is cracked due to collision, and the second is the leakage of the cap valve. The third is the acid leakage at the terminal; the fourth is the acid leakage in other parts.
Note: Battery leakage is a very serious problem. Leakage is very corrosive to electric vehicles and people, so everyone must pay attention to safety.
2. The battery cannot be charged
If you feel that the battery of your electric bicycle cannot be charged, first check whether the connection of the charging circuit is reliable, check whether the connection between the cable and the plug is intact, carefully check whether the socket and plug have "firing" and arcing, and there is damage to the wireless circuit. Disconnection etc.
If there is no problem, then check whether the charger is damaged and whether the charging parameters meet the requirements of national standards. If there is no problem, then the battery may be damaged. If it does not get better after the repair, a new battery needs to be replaced.
3. Sulfation of battery plates
Plate sulfation is a common failure of batteries, and many battery failures are also caused by this failure. The main manifestations of the sulfation of the electrode plate are: the voltage rises quickly during charging, the gas is precipitated prematurely, and the temperature rises quickly; the voltage drops quickly during discharge and the capacity is small.
Fourth, the battery pack appears "unbalanced"
The balance of series battery packs is a worldwide problem, and there will always be "backward" batteries during use. The reasons are various, including production reasons, raw materials reasons and use reasons.
This problem is difficult to solve for the time being with the existing technical means.
Five, the battery is deformed
The deformation of the battery is not sudden, it is often a process. When the battery is charged to about 80% of its capacity, it enters the high-voltage charging zone. At this time, oxygen is first precipitated on the positive plate, and the oxygen passes through the holes in the separator to reach the negative electrode, and the oxygen revival reaction is carried out on the negative plate:
2Pb+O2=2PbO+heat PbO+H2SO4=PbSO4+H2O+heat
Heat is generated during the reaction. When the charging capacity reaches 90%, the rate of oxygen generation increases, and the negative electrode starts to generate hydrogen. The increase of a large amount of gas causes the internal pressure of the battery to exceed the valve opening pressure, the safety valve opens, and the gas escapes, eventually showing water loss.
As the number of battery cycles increases, the moisture gradually decreases, and the structure battery appears as follows:
1. Oxygen "channels" become unblocked
2. The heat capacity is reduced. The largest heat capacity in the battery is water. After the water is lost, the heat capacity of the battery is greatly reduced, and the heat generated makes the temperature of the battery rise quickly.
3. Due to the shrinkage of the ultra-fine glass fiber separator in the battery after the loss of water, the adhesion to the positive and negative plates becomes worse, the internal resistance increases, and the heat generation increases during charging and discharging.
After the above process, the internal capacity of the battery can only be dissipated through the battery slot. If the heat dissipation is less than the calorific value, the temperature rise will occur. The rise in temperature reduces the over-potential of the battery during the precipitation period and increases the gas evolution. A large amount of oxygen in the positive electrode passes through the "channel", reacts on the surface of the negative electrode, and emits a large amount of heat, causing the temperature to rise rapidly, forming a vicious circle, the so-called "thermal runaway" ", the final temperature reaches above 80oC, that is, the battery is deformed.
Summary: How far an electric bicycle can travel every day depends on how well the electric bicycle battery is maintained. So when you use an electric car every day, you must keep the above 5 points in mind, and keep your electric car great!
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