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How to charge an electric car battery?

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How to charge an electric car battery?
Is the electric vehicle battery ready to use and charge? Should I use it up before recharging it?
We have learned a lot about electric bicycle batteries before, and gimibattery thinks that everyone should have a certain understanding of "how to extend battery life". But everyone should pay attention: Although the electric vehicle battery is often kept fully charged, it does not mean that the electric vehicle battery needs to be charged as soon as it is used; at the same time, do not recharge the battery when it is all used up. Both of these behaviors are not good and they will destroy the battery.
Note: Generally, it is best to charge when there is one third of the battery left.
1. The battery of an electric vehicle must always be fully charged, but it does not mean that it must be charged at any time.
There is one thing everyone must pay attention to: the battery of electric vehicles must always be fully charged, but it does not mean that it must be charged at any time.
Many friends think that the battery of an electric car should be recharged at any time, no matter how many roads you run in a day, no matter how much the battery is used, charge the battery when you get home from get off work and unplug it the next day. Although this will always maintain the battery's fully charged state, long-term use will inevitably reduce the battery's life.
2. What should be done? --"Not too lazy", "Not too frequent"
So what are we going to do? In fact, it is simple, that is, to be "not too lazy" and "not too diligent".
1. "Not too lazy"
First of all, you can't be too lazy. Don't wait until the battery of the electric bicycle is empty at all before charging it. Especially after the battery is used up, the voltage rises again after stopping for a period of time, which is called "rebound voltage". Working with the rebound voltage will cause irreversible damage to the battery. Therefore, you must not run the road with the rebound battery. If you run out of power on the road, it is best to turn off the power and drive on your own strength! !
In addition, do not be lazy when charging. It doesn’t matter if you can’t charge it up, you can charge it overnight, or even charge it for a day. What will it feel like if you are full and continue to let you eat? If things go on like this, your stomach will be gone. The same is true for the battery, if it can’t be charged for too long, it will charge the drum if it takes too long.
So how long is the best charging time? "Easy Buy Electric Bike Net" Editor's Suggestion: Generally, after the charger indicator changes color, you can recharge it for 2 hours. For example, charge later at night and unplug the power immediately after getting up the next day; or earlier when charging, remember to unplug the power when you wake up at night to pee.
2. "Not very frequent"
Although you can't be "too lazy", and you can't be too frequent. During the life of the battery, there are a certain number of charging times, and when the number of times is reached, the storage capacity of the battery will not work. The charging frequency should be determined according to how much you run every day and the condition of the battery. On the premise of ensuring normal driving the next day, the number of charging should be minimized.
Excessive charging will also cause your electric car battery to break early.
3. When is the proper charging time?
So many friends who see this place must think: when is the right time to charge? gimibattery suggestion: Generally, recharge the battery when one third of the battery is left.
In fact, as long as everyone pays more attention in life, they will better protect their belongings and save a lot of expenses. Isn't it?