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3 considerations that affect the battery life of electric

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3 considerations that affect the battery life of electric vehicles
Generally speaking, the normal life of the battery of an electric bicycle is more than a year. But in fact, if the general battery is not a quality problem, through correct use, timely and effective maintenance, it can reach a life span of about 3 to 5 years.
Just pay attention to the following three places, you have the opportunity to turn your electric bicycle battery into "super long power, super long use"!
Note 1: Electric vehicle batteries are always fully charged
The routine maintenance of electric vehicle batteries is to always keep fully charged.
Take a close look at your electric car manual. It says "Charge the electric car in time after use, don't drive at high speed for a long time, can't overload, assist when starting, etc...", these are the correct ways to use it. .
Remember: keep the battery of your electric bike always fully charged!
Note 2: Electric vehicle batteries must be maintained frequently
Electric vehicle batteries are "seven points to be maintained by using three points." But the common batteries on the market are basically replaced in the first 8 months and 4 months after the maintenance battery. Occasionally, some batteries can be packaged for two years, but it emphasizes that they must be returned to the store for maintenance once within a year.
Why is there a limit of 8 months? Because regular batteries are to be maintained for the first time in about 8 months, this can effectively extend the service life of the battery. However, as far as gimibattery knows, most people don't know about this, and the vendors who sell batteries are happy not to mention it.
Generally speaking, the first maintenance is 8-10 months, and the second maintenance is about 15 months.
Note 3: Pay attention to check the charger
Many electric car users only pay attention to the battery, but ignore the charger. In fact, the charger may not be able to charge it.
Electronic products generally age after a few years of use, and chargers are no exception. If there is a problem with your charger, it will cause the electric vehicle battery to be insufficiently charged, or to recharge the drum battery. This will naturally affect battery life.
Summary of key points:
The battery life of an electric vehicle is related to many factors, such as daily usage, charging habits, charger status, and so on. In order to better maximize the effectiveness of the battery, the editor of "Gimibattery" finally summarizes the main points for everyone:
1. Drive slowly to extend the mileage and battery life;
2. Purchase a smart activation charger to maintain and repair the battery while charging;
3. The battery is charged as it is used, do not store it at a loss; when the battery is used for about 8-10 months, you need to go to the after-sales service center or battery repair center for battery testing or maintenance.
The battery life of an electric bicycle depends on everyone's maintenance. As long as it is well maintained, the battery of your bike can still be used for a long time.