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How to maintain the electric bicycle battery?

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How to maintain the electric bicycle battery?
The most important component of an electric bicycle is the electric bicycle battery, so how to maintain the electric bicycle battery? "Gimibattery" has collected a lot of information. Here I will introduce you to the 8 key points of "how to maintain the battery of an electric bicycle".
8 points for maintaining electric bicycle batteries:
1. Power batteries with deep charging and discharging are preferred.
The working characteristics of the battery used in the electric bicycle are: the discharge current is small, the use time is long, the discharge depth is deep, and it cannot be charged while driving. The longer the driving distance, the deeper the depth of discharge, such as driving 30-40Km per day, the depth of discharge will reach about 60% to 80%. Therefore, if you want to maintain the battery of an electric bicycle, you should first choose a power-type battery with a deep charge and discharge.
2. The battery should be installed firmly.
If you want to maintain the battery, you must ensure that the battery is installed firmly on the electric bicycle to prevent the battery from being damaged by vibration during riding. If the battery is inaccurate and loose every day, the car will soon be broken.
3. Remove more dirt from the battery box.
Frequently remove dust and dirt on the battery box, and pay attention to keeping the battery dry and clean to prevent the battery from discharging itself. This may seem inconspicuous, but it is very useful for maintaining battery performance.
4. Direct exposure to sunlight is strictly prohibited.
Keep the battery of the electric bicycle away from high-temperature heat sources. In the hot season, it is strictly forbidden to expose to direct sunlight (particular attention should be paid when storing the car in summer). Pay attention to good ventilation when charging.
5. Replace the battery in time.
If the battery is ruptured or the electrolyte leaks, the battery should be replaced to avoid acid corrosion.
6. Use the foot pedal to assist when starting
When the electric bicycle is just started, it should be started with a pedal assist to avoid excessive discharge current and damage the battery; when riding, pay attention to not let the battery over-discharge, over-discharge will easily cause serious battery loss, thereby greatly shortening its service life .
7. Don't over load.
The excessive load of the electric bicycle will inevitably lead to the increase of the motor current, cause the battery to over-discharge, and the battery's early attenuation, which seriously affects the battery's life. Some friends blindly pursue the load-carrying capacity of electric bicycles, especially when riding a bicycle to carry people, which not only seriously violates traffic laws, but is also detrimental to the maintenance of electric bicycles.
8. The battery should be charged and recharged at least once every 3 months.
The battery can be charged after use, and it can be charged as soon as it is used to ensure the smoothness of the next trip. The battery should be fully charged and stored when not in use, and recharged at least once every 3 months to avoid irreversible sulfation of the battery. Everyone must keep this in mind, it is very important for the maintenance of electric bicycle batteries.
In daily life, as long as you do the above 8 points, you can take care of your electric car battery. Basically, you can achieve the maximum battery life. Naturally, you can also save a lot of the cost of replacing the electric car battery.