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How to extend the life of electric vehicle batteries?

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Gimibattery# Four tips to teach you to extend the life of electric vehicle batteries
Based on years of testing experience, the staff of the Quality Inspection Institute remind consumers that in order to prolong the service life of electric bicycle batteries, you must carefully read the product manual of electric bicycles before using electric bicycles, and pay attention to the following matters when using:
1. First, do not drive with overload or overload (such as riding a bicycle with people or loading heavy objects, etc.). When the indicator shows that the battery is insufficient during driving, you must use human power to ride, because deep discharge will consume a lot of battery life.
2. Pay attention to the charging method. When a new battery is charged for the first time, it must take a long time to ensure that it is fully charged. For lead-acid batteries, no matter the distance, they must be charged immediately after use. Don’t charge until the battery is completely exhausted. If the car is not used for a long time, make sure to recharge it once a month. This not only protects the battery, but also prolongs its service life.
3. Avoid sudden braking as much as possible. Frequent sudden braking will affect the flexibility of braking and consume battery capacity; the speed should not be too fast, the faster the speed, the greater the loss of the battery.
4. Don't use the motor to start the car directly when it is stationary. It is best to start the car with the help of the foot at the same time. When going on the bridge, uphill, or driving against the wind, you must use the foot pedal to avoid impact damage to the battery and affect the continued mileage and service life of the battery.