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Electric bicycle battery

How to choose an electric bicycle battery?

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How to choose an electric bicycle battery?
Although most of my friends only care about how to buy a satisfactory electric bicycle, there are also a small number of friends who may plan to buy parts: such as electric bicycle batteries. Here is gimibattery for everyone to introduce "how to buy electric bicycle batteries":
1. Four basic tips for buying electric bicycle batteries
When buying an electric vehicle battery, you'd better check the following four points first:
1. Check whether the product marks of the electric vehicle battery are complete, including the name of the manufacturer, product specifications, date of manufacture, and trademark: check whether the internal and external marks are consistent, especially to check whether the product has an eye-catching logo, and pay attention to whether the production date is in the near future.
2. Pay attention to the appearance of the battery: check whether the product has any deformation, cracks, scratches, or traces of leakage. The battery terminal should be clean, free of rust, and the mark should be clear.
3. Pay attention to the rated capacity of electric vehicle battery products: the larger the rated capacity of the battery, the longer the battery discharge time. It is best not to buy a battery without a rated label, but pay attention to whether it is dedicated for electric vehicles, if there are multiple The capacity marking shall be based on the rated capacity.
4. It is to buy branded batteries from well-known enterprises and large enterprises: batteries are generally provided by professional battery manufacturers. The quality of batteries produced by different brands and different manufacturers is different, and the price is also high. Well-known, large-scale enterprises have large scale, strong technology, good after-sales service, and battery quality is guaranteed.
2. Comparison of common batteries for electric bicycles
In addition to the above four points, Gimibattery will compare the four mainstream batteries for everyone. In this way, everyone can be more confident when buying batteries for electric vehicles:
1. Lithium-ion battery. The advantages are: the largest capacity, the largest power, and the longest life; but relatively speaking, it is also the most expensive. Generally used in high-end electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, etc.
2. Lithium iron phosphate battery. Its characteristic is: electric capacity, power, life span are slightly smaller than "lithium ion battery"; but the point is also obvious: cheaper than "lithium ion", mostly used in hybrid vehicles.
3. Valve-regulated lead-acid maintenance-free battery. The three attributes of electricity, power, and longevity are even worse; if they are cheaper, there are many retail markets.
4. Lead-acid batteries need to be maintained. The three attributes of electricity, power, and life are worse and cheaper. It is the standard battery for electric vehicles.