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4 times the battery? Electric car's range increased by 4 tim

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4 times the battery? Electric car's range increased by 4 times?
I saw a friend on the Internet asking a question two days ago, saying, "My electric bike has only one battery, which is 36v. I think the power is too poor and it can’t run far. I can modify it directly and add 4 batteries in series. Will it become a 144 voltage, which will increase the power and driving distance by 4 times?"
"Gimibattery guessed that this friend probably wanted to say "The current electric bicycle has a voltage of 36V, and I want to add 4 sets of batteries, so it is 36X4=144, and the unit is volts."
If this netizen really has such an idea, the idea is not feasible. The specific reasons are as follows:
1. Generally, the controllers and motors of electric bicycles use DC with rated voltage. If you use the series connection method you mentioned and boost to 144v, as long as the circuit is turned on, the controller or even the motor will be burnt directly, and any ordinary motor cannot carry a voltage that is several times more than the rated voltage.
2. There are 60V and 72V electric vehicles on the market, which can indeed extend the mileage, but the controller of such electric vehicles is specially customized. Therefore, it is not feasible and dangerous to increase the total voltage blindly without changing the controller and motor.
3. The current dual battery packs are realized through parallel circuits, that is to say, the voltage is constant, and it is controlled by an air switch. When using a battery pack, it will not double the current and burn the line.
4. Even if the battery packs are connected in parallel, they are also limited by conditions. Generally, the parallel connection is currently a dual battery pack. The three sets of batteries, four sets of batteries will encounter other problems.
First of all, one battery pack is relatively large. If a third battery pack is added, it will face the problem of where to carry it and nowhere to install it.
Secondly, a set of 48V/20A batteries weighs about 36 catties, and a set of 36V/14A batteries weighs nearly 15kg. If the electric vehicle weighs 3 sets of batteries, the weight will increase by about 50kg. If there are four sets, it will be About 60kg to 75kg, this is not the weight of a person. It is necessary to know that the normal maximum load of an ordinary electric vehicle is 75kg. Such overload operation can only waste energy consumption and cannot increase the continuous mileage.
Third, in this case, the climbing ability of electric vehicles will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the ideal ones are dual battery packs, and 3 or 4 battery packs do not make much sense.
5. If a lithium battery is used, it is small in size and light in weight, and 3 to 4 groups in parallel are not a good idea, but now a set of 48V, 24A lithium iron phosphate batteries costs US$345, which is enough to buy a new electric car. Three to four groups, the price is tens of thousands.
Moreover, the consistency and balance of lithium iron phosphate batteries are relatively poor, and special balanced circuit boards and special chargers are needed. Domestic research progress in this area is relatively slow, and most of them are used in high value-added industries, such as automobiles and electric vehicles. The progress of the research is very slow, and it will take a few years for large-scale applications.