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How far can an electric bike go?

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How many kilometers does an electric bicycle run on a charge? (How far can an electric bike go?)
How many kilometers does an electric bicycle run on a charge? Especially the two common voltages "36v electric bicycle and 48v electric bicycle, under normal circumstances, how many kilometers can be run with one charge?"
Answer: Generally speaking, a new 36V/12A electric bicycle can run 30 kilometers after a charge as long as the battery is normal; a new 48V/12A electric bicycle can run about 40 kilometers; a new 48V/20A electric bicycle In the case of a car, the maximum mileage of a normal charge should be about 70-80 kilometers.
(Gimibattery reminds you: The above data is based on good road conditions. If it is a large uphill slope or potholes, the driving distance of the electric bicycle with one charge should be shortened by about 20%-50%.)
One point to add:
When you buy an electric bike, if you want to ride a longer distance, you should try to buy a bicycle-style electric bike instead of a pedal-type electric bike. Because the bicycle-style electric bicycle has a lighter body, the same battery has a longer cruising range than the pedal-type electric bicycle, and the service life is also higher than the latter.