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How to improve the safety of electric bicycles with lithium-

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How to improve the safety of electric bicycles with lithium-ion acceleration?
At present, due to the characteristics of convenience and economy, electric bicycles have become an important means of transportation for residents' daily short-distance travel. With the official implementation of the new national standard for electric bicycles, the replacement of "non-standard vehicles" will be driven to accelerate the replacement of electric bicycles with lithium batteries. However, in recent years, lithium battery explosion accidents of electric bicycles have occurred from time to time. Behind the safety of electric bicycle lithium batteries, it is exposed that the quality of battery products is uneven, the mandatory standards are missing, market supervision needs to be improved, and the industry is developing at a low level.
1. Lithium-ionization of electric bicycles is accelerating, and safety risks are increasingly emerging
Lithium batteries for electric bicycles have gradually replaced lead-acid batteries, and the penetration rate of lithium batteries has risen rapidly. At present, the common electric bicycle batteries on the market mainly include lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. Both batteries have their own advantages, lead-acid batteries are cheap, and lithium batteries are small and light. With the decline in the cost of lithium batteries and the requirements of the new national standard for the weight limit of electric bicycles, lithium batteries with the advantages of high power density and energy density, light weight, low self-discharge rate, no memory effect and environmental friendliness stand out as electric bicycles. Mainstream power source widely used in bicycles.
Safety accidents of electric bicycle lithium batteries occur frequently. In recent years, with the rapid development of electric bicycles and high social penetration rate, the demand for lithium-ion battery electric bicycles has surged, which has also led to frequent explosions of lithium-ion electric vehicles. According to statistics, fires caused by electric bicycles have accounted for 10% of all fires in society. Overcharging, failure of battery cells, short circuit of electrical lines, and irregular use and operation are important reasons for electric bicycle fires.
2. The main problems in the safe development of lithium batteries for electric bicycles
Lack of mandatory standards, product quality varies.
Illegal tampering with lithium battery performance is a huge security risk. Currently, e-bikes can be sold separately from the complete vehicle and battery. The high-quality manufacturers of electric bicycles will be equipped with batteries when the whole vehicle leaves the factory, while some small enterprises only sell electric vehicles, and the battery installation is carried out by the dealership. This sales model enables some inferior batteries to be sold online and offline. on an electric bike. Such workshops use inferior means to assemble lithium batteries by purchasing cells and packs. For example, mix and assemble high-quality battery cell A with defective battery B, or assemble cells disassembled from scrapped new energy vehicles. Such products do not have any quality certification, and the voltage and high power exceed the standard, and there are many potential safety hazards.
The methods of evading supervision are concealed, and market supervision needs to be improved urgently. In terms of evading market supervision, some informal enterprises and small workshops are also full of methods. For example, manufacturers will choose detection options according to their own needs, or show a third-party test report that does not match the battery model sold; some sellers have developed new technologies to ensure that "exceeding" lithium batteries are installed after speed regulation. Vehicles are not detected, which undoubtedly leads to increased safety hazards.
The development of the industry is still in its infancy, and the overall level needs to be improved. In recent years, the electric bicycle industry has boomed, but compared with electric vehicles, it is still a grassroots industry.
Three, some suggestions
Accelerate the establishment of a safety standard system. One is to formulate mandatory standards for the safety of lithium batteries for electric bicycles. The national standard "Technical Specifications for Centralized Charging Facilities for Electric Bicycles" shall be issued as soon as possible to ensure the quality of batteries from the source and improve the safety, compatibility and standardization of charging and replacing electric bicycles. The second is to establish and improve production management norms and standards. Do a good job of controlling the key points of safety in the whole process from lithium battery production and manufacturing to electric bicycle assembly, and promote the progress of design, materials, and manufacturing process technology. Focus on solving the safety and consistency problems of lithium batteries. The third is to take advantage of my country's extensive participation in the international lithium battery standardization organization to actively promote the internationalization of my country's lithium battery standard system.
Improve the quality and safety supervision system. Establish and promote the implementation of the supervision mechanism for the entire chain of electric bicycles and lithium batteries, and implement the main responsibilities and obligations of battery manufacturers, electric bicycle manufacturers, and sellers from production, sales, use, and maintenance, and avoid mutual shirk after safety accidents occur. Set up a regular battery inspection system, increase supervision from product design, mold development, inspection and testing, etc., and resolutely resolve issues such as illegal modification and use of lithium batteries. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the supervision of battery cascade utilization and recycling channels. Ensure that the remaining batteries of electric vehicle manufacturers after screening are not allowed to flow into electric bicycle battery manufacturers at will.
Raise the barriers to entry for the industry. my country's lithium battery industry should focus on quality and safety, and improve the safety entry threshold of the lithium battery industry in terms of enterprise layout, production capacity, project quality, process equipment, production environment, environmental protection, safety testing, certification, etc., and then promote electric bicycles. The overall development level of the lithium battery industry. At the same time, manufacturers engaged in electric bicycle batteries must have the ability and qualifications to detect and reasonably assemble batteries to ensure the consistency of battery configuration. Violators will bear severe legal responsibilities.
Strengthen the healthy development of the industry itself. The first is to set up a special fund for the safety research of electric bicycles and lithium batteries, focusing on the research on key technologies for the industrialization of lithium battery materials that meet safety requirements, large-capacity battery manufacturing processes, battery grouping technology and intelligent battery management systems. For special groups such as express delivery "little brothers", battery manufacturers should increase technology research and development, and launch long-life large-capacity lithium batteries to meet the normal delivery mileage needs of takeaway brothers. The second is to support the existing advantageous enterprises of electric bicycles in my country and cultivate safe and reliable products with independent brands. In accordance with the development idea of ​​"integrating resources, concentrating strength, making key breakthroughs, and improving overall", consolidate the overall competitiveness of my country's electric bicycles.

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